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New AURO II Artist
Graphics Tablet 8" X 5" (AGT-208A)


AURO II Artist Graphics Tablet features battery-free pen technology, 2048 pressure levels

The evolution of aesthetics has witnessed the extension of human image. To inherit the hand - painted calligraphy and paintings, run among the changs of time and space, and become robust under the ccumulation of history, which have enriched the human civilization.

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Tablet specification

Dimension  347mm X 233.5mm X 17mm
Weight  700g
Active area   8" x 5"
Resolution  5080 lpi 
Report rate (second)  200 +/- 3   
Pen pressure   2048 levels
Power source  USB port
Hot keys 4
Navigation wheel 2
Reading Height 10mm 
Battery-free pen specification

Pen Tip  Mouse left button, with pressure sensitivity
Lower Barrel Button  Default as mouse right button (programmable)
Upper Barrel Button  Barrel 2 (programmable)
Tip Travel  Maximum 0.8 mm
dimension  160 x 13 mm
Tip Switch ON Load  15 +/- 1 g
  • 5,080 LPI Tablet resolution.

  • 8"x 5" wide working area.

  • Use a lightweight battery-free pen to reduce the hand-painted load.

  • Twin navigation wheel and 4 hot keys let you use the graphics tablet more efficiently.

  • 2048 pressure levels and high resolution let you can create more fantastic design.

    You may change the direction of the graphics tablet for
    right / left-hand user to have appropriate location of the express keys !!
System Requirement
Windows : XP/Vista/7/8/10
Mac OS: X+ above
Note:Color Display Required, Powered USB Port and a CD/DVD driver.