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Flying Painter (FP-1602)

Enjoy your digital life anytime and anywhere.
The sturdy surface is perfect for emailing and web surfing. And it is cushioned to keep your laptop cool and comfortable. Also perfect for reading, writing or working in bed.

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Application Feature

Working Area

6" x 4.5"


2048 Lines / inch

Pressure Level

1024 階



Macro Key


Power Consumption

電腦介面 USB 1.1 (全速)


90gw (Max)

OS : PC : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Mac : OS X +
EMC : FCC / CE / BSMI Certificated

  • Completely flexible material without any problem to roll it up.
  • Innovation input garget by the pen-touch technology can adopt your digital life easily.
  • Super light for well carrying with your laptop anytime anywhere.
  • Ultra slim design for saving space on your desk.
  • Education & Learning
    Make e-learning of complicated math, sciences graphic & chart become easy and fun.
  • MSN Chat
    Use pen to present your options, annotation and ideas whatever you want.
  • Drawing tool for kids
    Enjoy the fun of painting with full-color illustrations even if you do not prepare lots of painting tools and materials.
  • Laptop accessory for business presentation
    Easily use to emphasize the points or image what you want. It features being a rolling up pad, lightweight design that provides just right support for your laptop during your business trip.
  • Nice gift for best friends
    Flying Painter is the same size as a standard mouse pad; however its key function make you control the cursor by hand. Meanwhile, the ideal design can be the perfect gift for your special offer.
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System Requirement
  • PC : Windows 10/8/7XP/Vista Mac : OS X +